Hey There is a common belief that women do not like playing games. In spite of the prevailing worldview, somewhere in the distant galaxy still live individuals who really like to play games. By writing this, I mean different types. My hobby is not only to play games, but also to spend time with other lovers of games of all kinds. Do you like board games? Are you interested in fantasy, comics and sci-fi books? RTS, Hack and Slash or MMORPG games? Or maybe you're a fan of old NES games? If so, you've come to the right place!

On the blog you will see photos with short descriptions about games in the broad sense. You will find here old, good NES games, as well as strategy games based on battle systems like Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Everyone should find something interesting for themselves - large armies among terrains with the sound of rolling dices in the background or iconic Blizzard titles. All this in the female version, with a grain of salt and a slight humour.

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