Lady Marion the Red Dahlia

For ages, it's been known that devotees of the Lady of the Lake hold women serving her in special reverence and esteem. Damsels or Prophetesses of the Lady serve in the courts of lords and barons, advising them not only on kingdom matters but also on decisions regarding going to war.

Damsel of the Lady for Bretonnia ridding on a  Bretonnian warhorse in the Warhammer the Old World universe

Moreover, some can be seen on the battlefield, where they bolster Bretonnian units with their magical abilities or wreak havoc among the enemy ranks by weakening them with curses or magic missiles. One such individual is Lady Marion the Red, who stands out not only for her magical prowess but also for her appearance. Clad in a bright red, flowing gown, she rides atop a proud and mighty Bretonnian warhorse, which seems to heed her commands without the need for spoken words or a tug of the reins.

Handmaiden of the Lady surrounded by the Questing Knights unit

The earth stirs to life and flourishes beneath her feet. Wherever she rides, she leaves behind a trail of red flowers - dahlias, perfectly showcasing why she earned the moniker "the Red."

Prophetess of the Lady with her faithful protectors - Grail Knights of Bretonnia

Today, I present to you my second mounted Damsel/Prophetess of the Lady. I received this miniature as a birthday gift a looong time ago, and it waited patiently to be painted. The manufacturer of this model is Gamezone Miniatures, which, ages ago, produced truly fantastic minis. I particularly love the sculpt of this model, where a delicate and subtle lady sits atop a battle-ready and massive steed. This contrast makes her appear fragile at first glance, but considering her mastery of magic, it adds to her uniqueness and strength.

Damsel of the Lady from Bretonnia

For the first time, I tried painting the horse's fur. I'm not entirely satisfied with the final effect, but I hope my painting skills get better with time. I opted for a striking red color to make her stand out and paired it with the gray coat of the horse, further emphasizing the vivid hue of her gown. Additionally, I used red flowers on the base to symbolize her magical abilities, specifically the fact that red flowers sprout wherever she rides across the land.

Damsel of the Lady from Bretonnia from the back view

Prophetess of the Lady with a scroll

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