Night with Knights

Today's day is special. I got my bachelor's degree in English translation. You can call it "self-busting", but I am ultra happy about that fact, and what's more I am really glad that my thesis was connected with board games' translation. Well, it took me some time to finalise my work, and it was really exhausting operation, but now I can finally focus on more important matters :D .

My bretonnian knights had been waiting for very long time in order to be painted. At last, the Lady of the Lake showed mercy over her faithful servants. Soon, they will get their first quest.

My cat already is studying the ancient manuscripts and gaining knowledge about Bretonnia - I think, she will be a perfect scribe at the royal court in Couronne. In the meantime, I am filling the gaps in models with the help of GreenStuff, whereas in the background, the Starcraft: Broodwars replays from the Falcon Paladin channel are turned on. It will be a long night...

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