Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon

Amarell is holding a Zombie Dragon miniature for Vampire Counts Army.

A Blood Dragon Vampire is sitting on Zombie Dragon with shield.

The time has come to present to you the latest model for the Vampire Counts army. Some time ago I showed you the WIP, and now I'm going to feature the fully painted model. Obviously, it is the Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon. I can't hide the fact that it did take me quite a while to paint it. I experimented with many techniques and effects. In addition, my personal life took its toll, so its completion was prolonged.

A front view of Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon.

A side view on Zombie Dragon on skull base.

It is a fully converted and kitbashed model. It consists of:
- dragon: Thall the Defiler from Archon Studios (Dungeons & Lasers)
- vampire head: Living Dead Warriors from Fireforge Games (Forgotten Realms)
- body and sword rider: Chaos Warrior 5th ed WFB

A Zombie Dragon from a bird

Traditionally I have used Crackle Paint Badlands from Green Stuff Worlds on the base and Wasteland tufts from Army Painter. The skull on the stand is cast in plaster and the design was taken from a cheap Halloween toy. It was covered in Vikol glue so that the paint can cover it well and not soak into the plaster itself.

A studio photo of Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon for Warhammer

To emphasise the Blood Dragon nature of the rider I airbrushed the whole model with red paint from below. This gave it a blood-red glow. I am very pleased with the freehand on the shield, which depicts the heraldry of Mallobaude from the Mousillon Dukedom of Bretonnia.

Vampire Lord on Zombie read view on black background.

I also made a saddle for the rider in the form of a throne made from a piece of PVC and Green Stuff putty.

Details of whole model. Sword with no metalic metal, shield with serpent freehand, skull dragon head, vampire face.

The dragon model itself is very well made and I really enjoyed painting it. I highly recommend it.

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